AQUASCUD 500 - Walk-on waterproof coating in paste


Walk-on, waterproof, non-slip finish

AQUASCUD 500 is a silane modified polymer-based waterproof coating paste, solvent-free, ready for use and cold-applicable. It hardens by reacting with the ambient humidity creating an elastic elastomer membrane with excellent mechanical performance. The coating is semi-glossy light grey with the possibility of obtaining a smooth or non-slip finish if combined with the specific GRIPPER filler.

Where to use it

  • Walk-on finish of Volteco waterproofing, in combination with AQUASCUD BASIC membrane on screed and flooring in general such as balconies, terraces, pedestrian walkways, sidewalks, stairways etc...


  • Excellent walkability with possibility of non-slip finish
  • High elasticity and capacity to bridge cracks in the surface
  • Total adhesion to base
  • Easy and fast application, self-levelling
  • Also applicable to damp substrates
  • Quick curing, regardless of rain, in 4 hours, also in conditions of high ambient humidity
  • Excellent resistance to UV radiation
  • Possibility of using it as a finish in place of tiles

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