PROFIX 20 - Polysiloxane and acrylic undercoat to strengthen and even out the absorption on surfaces, especially cement-based ones


To strengthen the surface and adjust absorption

PROFIX 20 is a base coat consisting of a polysiloxane and acrylic microemulsion mixture capable of fastening onto the surface and homogenising absorption.

Where to use it

    To prepare mineral substrates, especially cement-based surfaces (e.g. concrete, cement-based mortars and plaster) before applying levelling compounds, coatings or finishes in general.


  • It adjusts surface absorption, facilitating the following applications
  • To strengthen the surface, preventing the formation of a superficial film
  • Removes dust from mineral surfaces
  • It increases the adhesion of levelling compounds, coatings or finishes in general, being odourless and solvent-free it can be applied in indoor and poorly-ventilated rooms

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