The problem of ageing and damaged facades

Absorption of rainwater is the principal cause of damaged plastered facades.
If the facade itself is not suitably protected, the plaster can break and peel away, and problems such as hair cracks, crazing, string courses, flaking and thermal bridging can arise.

Volteco, starting in the early Nineties, has developed high performance waterproofing solutions employing polymeric cementitious liners which are waterproof, breathable, elastic and thus highly deformable, and offer a definitive solution to the above problems.

Dehumidification of damp walls

Protect your home from moisture

Protection of terraces and flat roofs

Renovation of balconies, terraces and flat roofs

Restoration of facades

Exterior facades protection

Waterproofing of basements

Basements waterproofing

Waterproofing of pools and tanks

Waterproofing of pools and tanks