The problem of rising damp

Walls which are not protected by barrier systems are often attacked by rising damp. Construction materials are porous, so that water rises within walls with a capillary action and evaporates from their outer surfaces, leaving a salty deposit.

Rising damp is a serious problem: it is not only unsightly and compromises the structural and hydro-thermal performance of the wall, but also affects the salubriousness of the house itself. Damp promotes the reproduction of bacteria and the migration of salts, thus contributing to respiratory and rheumatic diseases. Volteco offers a mix of tried and tested solutions for finally eliminating rising damp.

Dehumidification of damp walls

Protect your home from moisture

Protection of terraces and flat roofs

Renovation of balconies, terraces and flat roofs

Restoration of facades

Exterior facades protection

Waterproofing of basements

Basements waterproofing

Waterproofing of pools and tanks

Waterproofing of pools and tanks