FIBROMIX 40 is a fibre-reinforced, thixotropic, cement-based, ready-mixed compound with medium modulus of elasticity and controlled shrinkage used for structural repairs of concrete and reinforced concrete.


Where to use it
  • To reinforce and restore reinforced concrete structures such as columns, beams and floors;
  • to repair walls;
  • to repair exposed and prefabricated concrete walls;
  • to restore viaducts and dams.



  • Light colour;
  • excellent thixotropy that allows the product to be applied without formwork;
  • good adhesion to concrete and reinforcement bars;
  • excellent workability and good surface finish;
  • consistency that allows the product to be sprayed;
  • highly waterproof and resistant to aggressive chemicals and un/freezing cycles;
  • possibility of applying 3 cm layers.



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