PLASTIVO 180 waterproofing accelerated curing-process coating


Versatility and flexibility of use for waterproofing surfaces subject to moderate movements and to positive and negative hydrostatic pressure

PLASTIVO 180 is a polymer-modified two-component thixotropic flexible waterproofing coating with CORE CURING TECHNOLOGY for an effective curing both in presence of low temperatures and partially damp surfaces.

Where to use it

    For negative/positive hydrostatic pressure waterproofing of wall surfaces or concrete, affected by slight settlements and/or movements. Particularly suitable for:
  • To temporarily waterproof floors and screeds before the definitive works
  • Slabs and structures exposed to contact with water
  • Substrates in general, also lightened with expanded clay
  • Balconies
  • Ledges, concrete gutters, flower boxes (set-up anti-root protection beforehand) and wells
  • Tanks, channels and structures also intended to contain drinking water, reinforced concrete foundation walls, pools, etc
  • All indoor surfaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and showers even if made of gypsum board
  • Dry floors


  • Quick curing that permits short application times between first and second layer and tiles application, even in the presence of low temperatures (within 48 hours)
  • Effective curing on set surfaces, even partially wet
  • Reduced risks caused by after application with rain, fog, other
  • Suitable for contact with drinking water
  • Anticarbonation protection with ”barrier” function
  • Elastic up to -5°C
  • Adheres to different types of surfaces (concrete, brickwork, brick, gypsum board, plastic, metal, ceramic, polystyrene, wood, other)
  • Low environmental impact thanks to reduced CO₂ emissions, very low Volatile Organic Compound emissions (VOC), components obtained from recycling processes

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