The hydro-expansive seal for the expansion joints of more articulated structures

ADEKA KM is a hydro-expansive seal with high resistance to hydraulic load that creates an excellent seal of expansion and contraction joints, including deteriorated, in any reinforced concrete structure. Available is various formats, it is also recommended for setting up seals for concrete or metal piping. Thanks to its great flexibility, it can also be applied to particularly articulated or irregular structures.

Where to use it

  • To seal expansion and contraction joints in every kind of reinforced-concrete structure (rooms, underground, channels, tanks, pools, etc)
  • To set-up seals between reinforced concrete or metal prefabricated elements for hydraulic works
  • To seal deteriorated expansion and contraction joints
  • To set-up seals for reinforced concrete, metal or plastic piping


  • Perfect hydraulic water-tightness
  • High resistance to hydraulic load
  • Easy and quick application
  • Great flexibility of use
  • Also usable in the presence of salt water
  • Non-toxicity and respect for the environment

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