Perimeter finishing and protection profile for tiled terraces and balconies.

AQUASCUD LINE is a draining gutter profile in painted aluminium to finish and protect the edge of terraces and balconies, to promote the correct outflow of water. It is particularly suitable to be combined with AQUASCUD System, AQUASCUD 500 and PLASTIVO and is fitted with special pieces such as the AQUASCUD CORNER corners and the AQUASCUD FIXY joints. It is available in various colours and in the following versions: AQUASCUD H.10 LINE in case of tiled floors, it is fitted with a double gutter and tile covering edge; AQUASCUD H.0 LINE if there is no tiling or if there are very thin coatings.

Where to use it

    On the risers of terraces, balconies and roofing structures in general, as a finish along the edge of the surface.


  • Practical and rapid application
  • Easy to join with quick-coupling joints
  • For the correct outflow of water on sloped surfaces
  • In the H.10 version it helps the draining away of any residual water and damp in the under-tile layer
  • Specifically designed for connection with waterproofing products to protect screeds
  • For the correct alignment of ceramic tiles along the perimeter of terraces and balconies
  • Excellent quality for money in comparison to normal stone or ceramic gutters

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