An effective and prompt waterproofing system for joints and cracks after installation

BI FLEX is a combination of waterproof elements to treat joints and cracks. It consists of an ELASTOMERIC TERPOLYMER-based ELASTIC TAPE and a two-component EPOXY ADHESIVE.

Where to use it

  • To apply a waterproof sealing on joints and cracks
  • To seal construction joints
  • Connect adjoining surfaces of joints, structures in general or prefabricated elements


  • Practical and simple application, it does not require expensive preparatory work
  • It can adapt to complex situations
  • 100% waterproof with positive/negative hydrostatic pressure
  • Control over hydraulic water-tightness, which is visible and repairable
  • High elongation capacity and absorption of dilatation
  • Excellent adhesion between tape and adhesive
  • Excellent adhesion on different substrates, such as concrete, mortar, stone, steel and galvanised steel
  • Stable in contact with many chemical agents and thawing salts (see data table)
  • Width and thickness specifically designed for casting (10 cm) or joint (20 cm) construction

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