JOINT PANEL hydro-reactive waterproofing panels


Seal and waterproof safely with maximum simplicity

JOINT PANEL Type B is a modular biodegradable cardboard panel filled with granular natural Sodium Bentonite which, in contact with water or simply with moisture, turns into an expansive gel capable of adhering firmly to the structure and to effectively waterproof it.

Where to use it

  • Waterproofing of expansion and contraction joints in underground reinforced concrete structures in combination with the hydro-expansive profile ADEKA KM 20.20
  • Reinforcement of fittings between VOLGRIP and other Volteco waterproofing systems


  • Easy adaptation to the size of the structures to be waterproofed in correspondence of the expansion joint
  • Simple installation by nailing to the surfaces and absence of overlaps
  • Can be bored, cut and shaped to fit the structure
  • Quickly heal the injuries caused by settlement or shrinkage of concrete
  • Contain almost twice the quantity of Bentonite compared to normal bentonite panels

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