A broad choice of high breathability colours to paint plasters and other mineral surfaces perfectly

PAINT AIR is an acrylic-siloxane paint formulated to paint any mineral surface (except for chalk-based) and to create decorative coatings with the possibility of choosing between a broad range of colours.

Where to use it

  • To paint any type of mineral surface, such as old and new plaster (except gypsum-based), sandstone, etc
  • Painting surfaces with synthetic finishes or plastic paint
  • Decorative coating on CP1, X-LIME or X-RAPID


  • Excellent water repellency
  • Excellent vapour permeability
  • Excellent resistance against aggressive physical and chemical atmospheric agents (ex: wind, smog, etc)
  • Adheres firmly to mineral-based surfaces, even if painted
  • Good deformability
  • Highly resistant to UV rays
  • Vast range of colours available
  • Low dirt pick up

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