Disinfect and clean the surface

PROCLEAN is a water-dispersed additive-based treatment with a disinfectant function, capable of neutralizing and protecting outdoor and indoor surfaces contaminated with mould, fungi and algae.

Where to use it

    Preparation of mineral or synthetic surfaces before applying CP0, CP1, PAINT AIR and PAINT PROTECTION, X-LIME and X-RAPID or levelling products and paints in general, to both prevent and remove deterioration caused by mould and algae. Particularly suitable for:
  • North-facing facades
  • Outdoor or indoor wall surfaces with cement-based or lime plaster, lightweight plaster, both new and old
  • Surfaces with synthetic finishes, quartz coatings or plastic paints
  • Surfaces damaged by condensation, such as bathrooms, kitchens, cellars and under stairs
  • Screeds or flooring affected by fungi, before waterproofing
  • Concrete surfaces


  • It disinfects contaminated surfaces thanks to the capacity to abate fungal micro-organisms and inhibit their growth or proliferation
  • It does not require dilution with water
  • It does not require washing after treatment
  • Not film-forming
  • Can be applied in closed and poorly ventilated environments as it is solvent-free

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