To strengthen the surface and adjust absorption

PROFIX 60 is a low-viscosity two-component epoxy primer that penetrates deep into the pores of the surfaces. Suited for the preparation of cement-based surfaces in general, also in the presence of humidity, as in the case of swimming pools and fountains. Also recommended as a strengthening product for cement-based screeds with loose surface parts.

Where to use it

  • To prepare cement-based surfaces in general (e.g. reinforced concrete, cement-based mortars, screeds) before applying CRYSTAL POOL product
  • Preparation of damp cement-based surfaces (maximum value 8%) before laying elastic cement-based coatings
  • Strengthening product for cement-based screeds with loose surface parts


  • It adjusts surface absorption
  • Suitable for installation, even in the presence of damp
  • Easy and quick application
  • To reduce vapour passage
  • Removes dust from cement-based surfaces
  • It offers excellent preparation of inground and roof pools and ornamental fountains for the definitive finish

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