BI MORTAR PLASTER SEAL waterproofing cementitious plasters


Smoothing and waterproofing all in one solution

BI MORTAR PLASTER SEAL is a fibre-reinforced mortar coating with waterproofing function.

Where to use it

    To coat with a thick waterproof layer even in negative hydraulic pressure conditions, when no movement and/or settling is expected in the treated structures. Particularly suitable for:
  • To waterproof skirting at the foot of the plaster
  • For underground structures made of either concrete or mixed material
  • To repair diaphragms with a reinforcement mesh being interlaid (REVOMAT)
  • To render, level and seal prefabricated elements (wells, ditches...)
  • For the application of waterproof rendering mortar for wall finishing with exposed stone


  • It simplifies and reduces the application phases by featuring ”two products in one”, as it evens out and waterproofs in a single application
  • Also applicable on uneven surfaces
  • Safe solution
  • Sulphate resistant
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent resistance to negative pressure

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